Down Syndrome Take Over Clemson

People who have Down Syndrome have the same dreams and aspirations as you and I. This is Rion, he has Down Syndrome and he has a very special letter to open.

His mom Susan Holcombe explains a little more about the letter and what it means.

“Rion was accepted into a special program called Clemson LIFE. This is an amazing two-year program for a small number (15) of young adults with special needs. This isn’t a program in which one can earn a degree. Right now, Clemson is one of five universities in SC with a LIFE program. I love that kids like Rion get to experience college life and this type of independence. Proud of my alma mater!”

I am proud of your alma mater too, Susan. I love that colleges are giving great opportunities like this to people with special needs. Everybody wants to receive a letter like this and Clemson and other schools are making it possible. This will make your heart absolutely melt. Way to go Rion!