Up With Downs

So, I have finally done it. I have gotten so many requests on Facebook, (even from strangers) that I have decided to start a blog about Tim. Believe me, he has plenty of material;). I created this blog to share Tim stories, photos, and videos. I also want to delve a little deeper into the more emotional side of children with special needs. The up and downs and the absolute joy that comes from these amazing people. For those of you, that know Tim firsthand you know exactly what I am talking about. I hope this blog also breaks down some walls for those who aren’t familiar with people with special needs. I have learned more about myself by being Tim’s sister than by any other way. He is definitely a teacher. I love him for that.

There are a couple of things I want to share before we embark on this new adventure. It’s definitely going be an adventure! First, I want to thank those of you who have personally reached out to me to share how Tim has touched you and your families. He’s a pretty amazing kid and we are so lucky that he is apart of our family. Secondly, I feel I need to preface the start of this blog with…everything you see and read is done out of complete love. Tim has always been treated like everyone else in our family. We tease each other and Tim is no exception. I know most of you understand this, but I want to be clear that Tim loves to be the center of attention and we are no way making fun of him or putting him down in any way. He’s a silly kid and that’s one of the million reasons we love him and why you love him too. I am sharing Tim with the world because he has always had a special way to make others laugh, love and see things from beautiful, judgment-free perspective. Please feel free to share this with your families and friends as well as the Facebook page that I have created. Let the fun begin!