Down Syndrome Take Over Heaven

Death is a hard topic sometimes. Especially to someone like Tim who is so emotionally in tune. He has such a tender heart and in that heart is so much love and empathy. More than anyone I have ever known. It breaks my heart to see him sad.

Tim lost a friend the day after Christmas. He passed unexpectedly after having the flu. His name was Cody and he also had Down Syndrome. When Tim heard about Cody he broke down into tears and started talking about his friend. He talked about Scout Camp and how he borrowed his shaver. He talked about Special Needs Mutual and how he was a good guy.

Tim went to Cody’s funeral the other day and when he came home I looked at his program. It was full of pictures of a very handsome, happy boy. Full of family members who were to give tribute to, I’m sure, their most favorite person in the world. As I looked at the pictures on the program I couldn’t help but think how similar he and Tim look. Of course, they both have Down’s, but their stature, their body type. A wave of total sadness came over me and I thought, I would be so lost without Tim. He is so a part of us. I can’t even imagine what Cody’s family is going through. I can’t. I just can’t.

These special souls are such a gift. A gift that sometimes is given and taken away. But there will always be the stories, the laughter, and the love. Love especially will always remain.

This is dedicated to Cody and his family. He will be missed by Tim and all of his friends from Special Needs Mutual.

Here is a link to his obituary.