A life long believer

Tim is 36 and still believes in Santa Claus. That’s one of the million things that I love about him. With that being said, there is some leverage there when it comes to his somewhat “naughty” behavior. Yes, he misbehaves. Sometimes.

Tonight he snuck an extra sandwich knowing that is a big no-no.

Then this happened.

Santa Claus was calling on my phone wanting to talk to Tim. (I had recently put Santa Claus under my Dad’s number and uploaded a pic.) I wish I had a picture of Tim’s face when I showed him the caller id. His eyes were as big as saucers. He knew he was busted.

He answered and “tried” to talk his way around the issue at hand, but finally admitted to his “naughty” behavior and then agreed to be a good boy. He looked confused as he said “Norm, is this you?” I could hear my Dad through the phone assuring him he was the real Santa Claus. As he got off I assured him as well and as you’ll see, I think it worked.

This is his response to his conversation with the one, the only, Santa Norm…uh, I mean Claus.

Merry Christmas everyone and Happy Freakin’ New Year!