Face Mask: Stupid Virus Ruin My Life


TIMsomy 21 face mask. Tim is a hugger and a big-time people lover. COVID-19 has put a big damper on how Tim can socially and physically connect. He has not been very happy with all these restrictions. One day he went to hug someone, he was told not to do so. He was so frustrated he blurted out “Stupid Virus ruin my life!” and the mask was born. We hope you enjoy wearing it as much as we have.

The face mask contains 2 layers of fabric: a cotton interior with a pocket cut to be able to insert a filter, and a polyester exterior for healthy wearing. The item is very stretchy and fits most with ease, and can be washed and worn again and again. You can purchase with and without the PM 2.5 filter.

The mask measures 4.5″ tall x 8″ wide

Material details:
Inside is 100% Organic Cotton
Outside is 84% Polyester/ 16% spandex.

Note: Not medical grade.
Not comparable to N95 masks.

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